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FAQ's for Grand Canyon Hikers

Grand Canyon Hiking Adventures has the answers to the most popular questions about hiking and backpacking in Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas.  Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about hiking the Grand Canyon.

Spring and Fall have the best weather especially for hiking and crowds aren't as heavy.  Winter offers the most solitude, but the North Rim is closed and snow is common. A lot of people hike during the summer, but it is very hot!!

The shortest trail is the South Kaibab which is 6.8 miles and 5,000 feet in elevation.

There are a lot of trail options so even people who can just get out and walk can enjoy the Rim Trail.  Going below the Rim is much more challenging, especially outside the main trails.

The Grand Canyon Backcountry Permit office issues all permits for the National Park.  The Havasupai Tribe issues all permits for Havasu Falls.

Prices vary depending on how long and how many people.

You need a permit to do overnight trips in Grand Canyon National Park and Havasu Falls.  You do not need a permit for day hikes in the National Park.