Visiting Walhalla Plateau

The Wahalla Plateau provides access to a forested area and excellent rim views. The rim view at Francois Mathes Point includes a view of Cheyava Falls and Clear Creek drainage. The rim view at the unnamed point before Ariel point has excellent views of Walhalla Plateau points and Cape Plateau provides easy walking trails into the forest and to the rim. Camping here also allows hikers an early start down the North Kaibab if they choose a campsite within easy access of the paved road.

Vital Statistics                                                                                   
2.4 miles (3.9 km) form Obi/Komo and Ariel trailhead to
Junction where trails split
2.6 miles (4.2 km) from split to North end of Obi/Komo
Trail. Rim view.
2.6 miles (4.2 km) from split on Ariel road to its end at ravine
(Rim is approximately 1 mile further, but if you backtrack 0.1
miles, can access rim viewpoint).
5.5 miles (8.8 km) from Francois Mathes Point Fire Road to the Canyon
Rim. Rim view.
7.3 miles (11.7 km) from Francois Mathes Point trailhead to the end of
Walhalla Glades trail.
6.5 miles (10.5 km) from Glades shortcut to Walhalla Glades trial end. Bushwhack to rim.
No river views.
Walhalla Plateau and Bright Angel Point 7.5 USGS Quads.
Trails Illustrated and Arizona Trails Map.
Elevation on the Walhalla Plateau ranges form 8400 feet (2560 m) to 8000 feet (2438 m)
Trailhead Access
Walhalla Plateau is accessed via the Cape Royal Road (all images from the Y junction of Cape Road/Point Imperial Road).
1.0+ miles: Intersection with Ken Patrick Trail
4.0 miles: Obo/Komo and Ariel Point Fire Road
5.3 miles: Francois Mathes Point Fire road (can also access Walhalla Glades Fire Road)
7.4 miles: Shortcut to Walhalla Glades Fire Road and Plateau access east paved road
8.4 miles: Paved turnaround if you miss last fire road access
11.8 miles Plateau camping across the road (west) from Cape Final Parking Lot
Trail Description
The Obi/Komo/Ariel Point, Francois Mathes, and Wahalla Glades fire roads follow ridge lines on the Walhalla Plateau. They trend gently downward towards the Canyon rim. Ravines can bracket the roads.
The south branch of the Obi/Komo road ends at the top of a ravine about 1 mile from Ariel Point. There is no obvious trail to the rim from this point. By hiking back about 0.1 miles, you will see sky to the east. Walk east and then contour around the ravine and you will be at a beautiful rim view of all Walhalla eastern points, Angel’s Gate, and Clear Creek Drainage. The Walhalla Glades Fire Road ends in an open meadow area. Hikers must bushwhack through thorny locust bushes and forested areas to reach the rim. There are no river views.
Directly across from the Cape Final Parking area, the Walhalla Plateau forms a gentle upward slope. The slope is grassy with widely spaced trees. No camping is allowed east of the Cape Royal road.